Entry #1


2014-08-18 03:02:23 by AndersAnimated

Hi guys I'm Anders and I love to draw and animate things.
I'm new to this so I'd like as much criticism as possible. Without criticism I can't see where I went wrong, thanks!


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2014-08-22 11:41:34

I think that they can be funnier and a little bit more random.

AndersAnimated responds:

I'm trying my hardest, thanks! : )


2014-09-01 01:08:03

I don't try to be a jerk, but that doesn't mean that I will shy away from giving you the cold hard truth. I will give you as much constructive criticism as I can, I've been on this site for almost as long as its been around. And i'm more than willing to help you be the best you can be.

AndersAnimated responds:

Sounds great man. I can take anything and I know I'm not the best at this yet, still new to animating.